Calling Filipino Nurses: Build Your Dream Career in the U.S.

We offer financially rewarding and professionally fulfilling nursing jobs in the USA for Filipino nurses. Embark on a promising career with us.

Why Avatar

The Avatar Staffing Advantage for Filipino Nurses

Immigration Assistance

We support you throughout the immigration process, including application and sponsorship, ensuring compliance with U.S. laws.

Nursing License

We help you navigate the credentialing evaluation, the NCLEX-RN exam, and other state-specific licensing requirements.

Job Placements

From finding suitable positions to negotiating contracts, we help you connect and seamlessly settle into your new job.

Transition Support

Our training and support acclimatize you to the U.S. healthcare system, workplace practices, workflows, and role expectations.

Empowering Filipino Nurses

Sponsorship for Filipino Nurses: Opening Doors to US Employment

We work closely with you to assess your eligibility for sponsorship and initiate the process on your behalf. Our immigration attorneys help you navigate the complex legal landscape, provide personalized guidance, and ensure positive outcomes for your visa application.

What We Offer

Benefits Package for Nurses

Medical Insurance

Comprehensive medical insurance for affordable and quality healthcare.

Dental Insurance

Dental and vision insurance package that reduces out-of-pocket expenses.

Retirement Plan

A matching contribution to support your long-term financial security.

Workers' Comp

Financial safety against work-related injuries through workers’ compensation.

Paid Holidays

Full pay for designated holidays for employee well-being.

Yearly Vacation

Incremental increase in vacation days based on years of employment.

Vehicle Allowance

Car allowance for the first three months on arrival.

Free Accommodation

Free stay for the first three months to help you settle in.

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